It’s tomorrow!! Beat Factory Workshop Schedule…

So, we’re about 12 hours away from our awesome workshop tomorrow and we’ve finalised the schedule:

In the morning, we’ll have two rooms running workshops at the same time.
In J2, we’ll have Afro-brazilian Roots on Congas, followed by Caixa school.
In J3, we’ll have some Tamborim turning, followed by Hand-to-hand exercises.
Everyone who emailed with their preferences are able to take part in their first choice workshop (yay!), then MOST people are able to take part in their second choice workshop, but we’re afraid some people will have to participate in their third choice workshop. No one will have to be in their last choice workshop though!
If you’ve forgotten what you registered with, we’ll have all your details with us in the morning to remind you!

We’ll have a lunch break from 1pm til 1.40ish so we can start the full bateria session at 1.45pm and whirlwind our way through traditional Samba, 6/8, Drum n Bass and funky breakbeats until 5.15 ish when we’ll have to think about packing up.
We’ve got so much in store and we hope we can get through it all!

Please arrive on time (10.30am) to the main box office entrance (J2) and if you haven’t paid, bring your fee with you. If you have access to any bateria instruments, please bring them, but mainly, we look forward to seeing you with your learning and playing heads on… It’s going to be great!!

Emma and Blake