1-to-1 and Small Group Tuition

1 to 1

For existing percussionists and samba drummers we can provide private tuition. Maybe you are looking to improve your skills on a particular instrument, or just need some technique advice, we can help. Regular drumming sessions can lead to some bad habits, but our 1 to 1 sessions will help you focus on your needs in a challenging but friendly way.

Small group sessions

Playing and learning in small groups is a great way of honing your physical and listening skills, as well as being immensely fun. Work on technique, musical bonding or even writing new material works great within a small group.

1 to 1 sessions are available in the following –

Caixa (Brazilian snare drum), Repinique, Surdo, Timba, Congas, Tamborim, Chocalho (shaker) and Pandeiro.

Please contact us if you need lessons on instruments not mentioned above.

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