Small Beginnings

Its been another inspiring day in HearDrum’s development. Big thanks to Neil Prem from ‘Future Business’ in Cambridge who took some time out to advise and encourage us. Future Business is, by the way, a fabulous resource for all new social enterprises in the region. Neil was a really great person to talk to and is there for anyone needing business advice.

Back to us and it looks like we ‘may’ be heading toward being a limited company! Sounds scary but we are learning the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ now and getting our heads round the jargon!

Anyway the MAIN reason for all of this is so we can have better access to funding so we can carry out the fantastic community projects we have planned for this year.

So please wish us luck, and have a grand week!

Hello everyone! Its been a serious 6 months of learning and hard work, but we think we are about ready. Even though some of you know us through our previous work as the ‘Sambajunkies’, and involvement with Arco Iris, we are about to re-launch our percussion and music teaching business!

Let us introduce ‘HearDrum’. With thanks to Steve Dosman, this is our website.

…and don’t forget to like our new facebook page!

We hope to push further this time with a whole range of funky things happening. School, community group drumming workshops and corporate team building sessions will be our usual, but we have a lot more in store for drummers locally (and far away!) that will involve percussion, songs, brass, dance etc…evening classes, weekenders, technique workshops, one to one lessons and a whole lot more so watch this space!

As usual our passion is for continued learning, sharing of knowledge and generally creating great music and good times. So please get involved and keep up to date with all the new ‘HearDrum’ adventures, and if you have any requests or feedback please get in touch.

Of course we didn’t, and couldn’t have got where we have with out an enormous about of help and advice. So we’d like to make a massive public thanks to the following people/organisations in no particular order: Arco Iris for past, present and future good vibes and where we both started the samba adventure many years ago, Leon Patel (and all those gorgeous people from Global Grooves & Bangdrum in Manchester) for invaluable business advice and amazing musical inspiration, Steve Dosman for our website, Alan Dickens (graphic designer) for our logo (how many emails did we send back and forth?), Adam Jenkins for S.E.O and techy nouse, Asnat Dosa for pushing us forward and always being there when we needed her, Emma Halley for web content help and Laura Grimes one of the original Sambajunkies. Of course also all of our family and friends and Thudbox for being a constant support.


Emma Hanid and Blake Vickers X